Way to love


Way to love

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Way to love

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Roger and NAS sidekick inseparable from Way to love when they are together, side to side, standing on the Wall. I had even thought about the fact that they look like Way to love brothers. Only one blond, and the second black-haired and if NASA repaint in dark-skinned Roger to grow a mustache, accurately and mother will not be able to to from each other. This is true, I swear. Viridor merc nodded his head and snorted under his breath and said in a teasing voice All, Pooh, youre no longer needed here. Get Way to love of here Wy Way to love. Yes, if you dont it will be in the scrap, please immediately bring Roger and Ollie in Unicenter and take them Way to love with something. As soon as I whistle, they are already a quarter of an hour must be in this office, and I have yet to talk to Nasom. Understand, boy. Calvin leapt to his feet and a cheerful voice shouted Yeah, I now, in a flash. Loudly laughing, he added, prilazhivaya of Ralmar on his broad shoulders Well, you and the beetle, Verdi. It is also necessary to come up with this. As soon as Calvin ran out of room, it immediately appeared Runeta. I live just a coincidence. I have kept alive only out of curiosity. Someone, apparently, decided to see if such a pathetic freak like me, to survive after he was thrown a Way to love who is not even informed me and up to five months. No, Verdi, I dont believe you. Although Ronita and built Danenov so high, Roger and Ollie rejected me because of my inferiority. Viridor was weird and creepy to see the pale face of his best friend, a man of incredible courage and indomitable will power, the tears flow from unbearable emotional pain and fear. Even sharper it was going through Runite.

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