Wagner – Tannhauser


Wagner – Tannhauser

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Wagner – Tannhauser

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He was earlier, and now remains the master of its fate. Do you think that the Great Mother of Ice could do for him anything, Waggner hes still a Wagner – Tannhauser guy chose his path among the stars. Yes, not for the world. He would have languished on Tann hauser, there would be some garbage, and even worse, would sit on the neck of the government and all day staring at the screen of a supervisor in a tiny, stinking hovel. Midor this is not Werken, where fathers-keepers will always find something to stir up any bum Wagner – Tannhauser youd believe me, Runni, NAS himself forged his happiness. Do you think he will stop there. Yes, never in my life. Trust me, hell become the Emperor of the Star Empire. Neither, listening to his friend, sarcastically chuckled and took such suspicions, mocking voice saying Well, really, no way in hell, casecheck. WWagner me never to smoke from Star Antal. Im good Wagner – Tannhauser. Slyly looking at Viridor, he added Okay, well wait and see, Verdi. Id better tell us, what surprises me still waiting on Galana or you might need a drop to squeeze out any information. So spit it out. Viridor Merck immediately became sad. On it was evident that this question touched him to the quick. Heavily sighing, he said, NAS, dont even know what to tell you on this. Understand, old man, before you, Im clean, but I have one serious sin that haunts me. Ive not just told, but also the Court Hume and I, at times, very disturbing. And, suddenly, I am going Wagner – Tannhauser narc on the head at the most inopportune moment. Oddly enough, but these words of Viridor Merc said with such anguish that even Runite tensed, made of Nasera loud laugh. Seeing the Wagner – Tannhauser and the blank looks of Viridor, he hastened to raise both arms and tell him good-natured tone Verdi, thats what amazes me most about you, is that you, passing through another test, go Wagner – Tannhauser and dont look back.


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