The Sisters Four


The Sisters Four

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The Sisters Four

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Licking ass Supreme Ssiters and nothing remained to do but to hastily retreat. And what is most offensive, both for Fрur and for most of the feds last the charge was legitimate. Only a few Federal Government had the courage to confront the Supreme Commissariat, this self-styled secret police, usurping the right to protect democracy. Among the rulers The Sisters Four the Stellar Federations, who managed to protect his fleet from the high commissioners were Bohuslav Vortex and Teh Lebus, Hirsch Meir-Simches and Eric Swenson, and therefore on Midori and Helmore, Terrace and of Russia immediately after the victory Star Antal, a whole week has announced Fьur festive and although in these Star Federations were also the offices of the high Commissioner, to smash them, no one rushed. However, and smash there was nothing, as within five minutes after Viridor Merck made the announcement, riot police and security forces took them by storm. Did the same thing in all the worlds Fuor the Conference Fifty-Nine, except Barcena. On this planet he has never seen any of the high Commissioner. Why not in the The Sisters Four galaxy townsfolk spit in the face of the military. Well, the galaxies with the feds had to blush The Sisters Four Fuor for long, The Sisters Four within a The Sisters Four after the arrest of a visiting session of the Court Hume, who settled in the County of Cornland, fully justified, and those, and The Sisters Four. Due to the pressure that was exerted by the people Harry Thompson on media The Sisters Four across the galaxy, including Lex First, on all channels of supervision all electronic Newspapers immediately took this information, and then space-admirals Fтur generals produced a massive dump their dirt and offense at the high Commission. Oil to the fire was added by the fact that Zurica Carlena, the leader of this gang, as Ssters as nearly twenty thousand of his associates, created it a little over fifteen thousand years ago, the Court Hulme was sentenced to capital punishment and ordered to deliver to Sisters planet Hume. The rest of a The Sisters Four million high commissioners of The Sisters Four levels he slapped a five to ten life sentences in Federal prisons, hitting the entire galaxy such of its efficiency. Only analizy not seen in this surprising, because in Cornland horsing around almost one hundred and fifty thousand young, fair-haired boys and girls who, Foru to farm, hit in the art. Listening they had to speak not so often, but because they several hours will put everything in its place. But they immediately informed the entire galaxy The Sisters Four how it was organized this conspiracy and what goals he pursued. The idea of the plot belonged to Curico Caslano who dreamed of nothing else, as a personal dictatorship. Using the fact that the Supreme Commissariat, in the face of the Department to Ensure Loyalty over the past year have managed to subdue the detachment of battleships-ghosts, he and his closest associates have developed a plan to destroy the star of nobility, Galana and Varkey. After annihilation attack the high F our, who seized battleships Ghost, had to The Sisters Four Fuor them, The Sisters Four before you turn the system on annihilation of self-destruction. Then was to come the short period of violence and chaos, then Tsurik Catlan had intended to take power into their own hands and quickly put things in order the galaxy, destroying along the way, a dozen worlds which are born sensitive. This plan also was subjected to Fгur only the public, but also to careful analysis by experts in various fields. The most detailed analysis was made by the archangels who finally called the galactic community their names, though only the former. The conclusions of those and others were not encouraging, the plan of Zorica Carlena was so insane that was very real and this type was standing just two steps away from vsegalakticheskoy domination.


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