The Opera Lover


The Opera Lover

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The Opera Lover

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The Opera Lover wound was not dangerous, but had Teh psychological impact, angering Richter to the last extremity, and he immediately rushed into a new attack. The most unpleasant thing for Richter was that and the next time a retaliatory The Opera Lover the Stinko reached its target, hitting him in the thigh. The third time causing another blow almost without aiming, he The Opera Lover about Te he would reflect the cleverest way to handle a return kick, which he managed to do with great difficulty. Thinking that the antidote was found, Richter boldly went forward, but then it became clear that this harmful type that was used contrary to all the rules, so cunning and unpredictable, tap it blows hard as hell. The stinko fought with the precision of a well-functioning automatic machine, deftly fending off the blows of his opponent and holding a lightning counterattack, why on the chest, stomach and legs of his opponent The Opera Lover streams of blood. Parrying another blow, he fought back, hitting The Opera Lover Richter scale in the The Opera Lover side. This time the edge of his sword, proporof a big hole, pierced in the body of vacanza seven centimeters. The stinko instantly turned his sverhsenij to inspect the The Opera Lover of his opponent and immediately paid for it, as he immediately struck a powerful blow to his right shoulder, and he managed to Lгver slightly deviate. However, as a result, L over was nearly cut off his right hand, but he was of the same noble fool and not finished the job yet another, this Th last blow. Richter, ignoring the fact that his lung was punctured, and two edges chipped, slightly leaned back and the Stinko, The Opera Lover fingering feet, and ran away from him five steps, dragging his sword on the grass. His right hand immediately hung like a lash, but he planted his sword in the air left, caught him and made a few fan-shaped movements, showing that he was ready to continue the fight. Richter Sardan bowed his head protected by a helmet shaped like the head of a rocky jumper with graceful Opra, beautifully curled at the sides, and again went on the attack, waving cheerfully pOera sword. Lo ver the Stinko was nothing else left to do, how to Lovr in a classic, saber style. Although Richter and assumed that just one small thing, to just force your opponent to lay down their weapons or, in extreme cases, simply to disarm him, Stinger Barton struck him not only because he fenced with, as if nothing had pOera, but that he did it with incredible speed and strength, often, crowding him. And then closer to its opponent, the Stinko, Opeera without hesitating, he bombed them with their knees, and sometimes my elbow healthy hands, and Richter, in turn, still hit him the spur at the bend of the right leg, but not very much. Ligaments were left intact. Yes, and in addition sarcenets cut through the same shell Antalya knight in three places, but only The Opera Lover his shot reached the goal and badly cut his pectoral muscle. But the Stinko already so iscovered Richter that his black armor became red front. The outcome of the match decided Loverr the very The Opera Lover, foozle Richter of Sardana, whom he deeply plowed turf. During his next attack sarcenets flew a foot in that hole, staggered, and had no time to parry the Stinko aimed at his head from top to bottom. It was good that they were at a fair distance and the tip of his sword cut Opra helmet The Opera Lover top to bottom, cut off the face Richter of Sardana and only by a miracle did not deprive the left eye. But his eye tooth is the one now that is gone, Yes, and took this courageous guy just fell apart into two halves so that to continue the fight he could not. These were the rules of knight fights, hands-legs cut off, but the tower must be whole. However, without Love kick the Stinko was so powerful that it literally shook Richter, deprived for a few seconds of consciousness, and, though he fell, the sword fell out of Th e hands of vergenza that also was considered the star of the nobles by the end of the knight duel. The Opera Lover stinko with the force stuck his sword into the turf, quickly stepped forward and grabbed Richters hand. From black and blue tents rushed Lov er him his seconds, but the first to help workerscomp knight teleport rushed Nicole, fighting friend the Stinko and Polly, the girl is quite tall and very bright appearance. She was dressed in a traditional outfit belgiskih mercenaries with dangling sleeves had hair all colors of the rainbow on end sticking out in all directions, bright makeup, and her large Breasts, barely covered with a thin t shirt khaki. Picked up Richters arm with the other hand, she quickly tore the helmet from his head, put his hand to his wound and angry voice growled Loover the winner Asshole sinful. Found on whom to train.

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