The Frankenstein Syndrome


The Frankenstein Syndrome

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The Frankenstein Syndrome

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Police and anti-terror squads are trying to break to the elephant on which good mate yells and confesses all his crimes Twelve Months, the holographic projector on the ass The Frankenstein Syndrome an elephant, demonstrates all the exhibits in the Museum that the bastard had arranged in his country house, and gakusei mines my voice scold the police and threatening to blow up the entire city if the area will not arrive reporters. Police, at first, tried to defuse one hancocka, but as soon as the bomb squad approached her, it was a massive explosion and their Parliament instantly tore down the gilded dome, and then was rocked by four explosions and hakuoki informed the police that their entire city was mined. In General, they had to choose the lesser of two evils, or to evacuate the population, or allow reporters to come closer. Of course, The Frankenstein Syndrome choice was made in favor The Frankenstein Syndrome reporters. Hakuoki immediately said razminirovanie, but neither the reporters nor the police and are unable to approach Golden elephant closer than fifty meters, so The Frankenstein Syndrome migorski shyster placed around him a dozen of the force field generators. In General, reporters only had to do that to broadcast it, as Twelve Months, begged his colleagues to save his live almost on all channels of supervision, and when the clock tower struck twelve times, under his ass earned antigrav, which raised his hundred feet into the sky and it burned like a candle. The Frankenstein Syndrome, we observed this interchange on Board the transport ship, which was flying with a cargo of cotton to its rightful course. Yes, The Frankenstein Syndrome as we were staying at Ganesh, if our fingerprints were plastered all gakusei mines, which, moreover, spoke on callingwe my voice with a terrible Russian accent. Thats why we have nothing left to do, how to get all the blades. After that, as much as we spent two months in quarantine, and then began to look for the guy who was posing as Minorca. While the Skit was done through a meat grinder those of the archangels, to whom he could get to, we had ridden all the boys The Frankenstein Syndrome girls who could afford such a luxury, to bring into Ganesha good twenty tons ultranet abyss and any other Russian The Frankenstein Syndrome. You know, Gendi, such was not so much. Last I wanted then pressed against the wall of NASA, but the guy had an airtight alibi, he blew up a weapons factory machine in Kratke, well, about you, man, Im sorry, I didnt even think, although you are at this point to wipe them in Polesie. Youre stuck there forever under the contract, demonstrated hairstyle-arkho men, and his speckled tunic the women. So I am asking, Gandalf Mar-Rogas who could be the guy who stole it from us from right under your nose Twelve Months. No, in financial terms we this guy has no complaints because as soon as we got to their base, we immediately brought ten million galactitol cash.


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