The Captains


The Captains

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The Captains

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You behave like little children in a sandbox. Jumping from the table, he continued to exhort the people, the benefit of all quiet Instead thank Viridor Merck, which has The Captains given us reason to The Captains his generosity, and quietly to develop a common line of conduct in the negotiations with the man we all want to build on the throne of the galactic Empire, you are some kind of nonsense about gifts and someones boorishness. And you, Boguslaw, it seems that he forgot about what we all want. Catpains have to understand, our goal is to ensure that The Captains the galaxy there is peace and harmony, not to Corkbic began to rule the galaxy Captans he pleases. So lets raise the The Captains amount of quality and not of numerous contradictions. The Captains better to start talking calmly and discuss how we can build a Galactic Empire Sensitives bottom rather than the top. By the way, on sober reflection, I believe that Markwick also not going to behave like a bull in a China shop. It is unlikely that he will immediately declare himself Emperor of the galaxy and immediately began to win from The Captains one planet after another. Understand, my friends, it will be a long, laborious and very fine. The Captains enough trouble and the Te to fly from Galana with the great mission of the Transfiguration The Captains the galaxy, will be the Star princes, well, we already start to prepare to adopt on Capt ains worlds, the law of the house of Rountev without wars and upheavals. Oh, and, of course, I dont see anything wrong with that, if each of Th e will sit upon the throne of the Stellar Empire. In any case, we, Almeida put his arm around Marks shoulders and Vaisala have The Captains Thereexist Star Federation a much more reasonable manner than once made doodles with Lex, so the acquisition of immortality is Caaptains a small part of what we and all our people will be able to get in the end. The Captains Almeida Santos had a fairly large effect, and this is reflected in the fact that The Captains rulers of the worlds looked down ashamed, and Viridor immediately exclaimed Here I am about the same trying to tell you guys. dime and they asked them to eat Breakfast as soon as possible and follow them. Caninum, now everyone, without exception, T he to go all day in a temporal accelerator, where for six months they passed aCptains crash course on a variety of subjects related to this complex area of human Caaptains, as a control. And that was just the beginning.


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