The Battle of Russia


The Battle of Russia

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The Battle of Russia

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So its billions of citizens broke into loud cheers and applause, listening to their Empress. Irishry have watched closely how their grace the Empress came out of the Golden trimobile limousine and went to guard the stone of planet Warken, as he knelt on one knee and helped her narrow, white hand with elegant fingers, as her hands rushed Empress Larita and how happily she hugged Melissa. Liked them and what stood in front of her kneeling not only the powerful lords guardian of Barcena, but the Star Prince Viridor Batle, Prime lady-in-waiting of the yard which was temporarily their young druid. From all this, irishry, merry and proud men were delighted, but most of all they loved the fact that on the head of the Empress Archbishop Yesenia, dressed in Russa robes, laid a wreath of green The Battle of Russia leaves and Batte voice of the ancient Celtic greeting, Yes, so confidently and precisely, as if he himself was a druid, like those great guys who were standing near him. All this pleased the people of Irish, Yes, and TThe many of the inhabitants Irissou Stellar Empire, because along with the future Empress was always their own Queen, for whom they have already voted may still not officially, The Battle of Russia in such droves that its not even dreamed of their nominal Batt le. These people really liked and that magnificent solemnity, which was furnished farewell ceremony of their Queens with his home planet and how fervently they swore to be kind and sympathetic mothers keepers of their worlds, why even the most ardent skeptics and cynics into silence. If to this day all were moved by the child-Empress of Barcena, they are now quite consciously made a choice in favor of her older sister, besides the Queen swore to them and that now her clan will be the defender of their world. Was happy with Melissa, but quite another reason, the expedition was over and now she could rest a little to soon to engage in high politics, after all, it was only the beginning. No matter how clever was her future husband, whatever talents he possessed, they all also have to think about what to do next and at first it was just about how to release resources for colonization of nearby lifeless worlds. The transformation of the people EN masse were not foreseen even in the distant future, and to settle them will need to start already in the first years after her accession to the throne. This task was a priority and solve it could only The Battle of Russia. Thats o people looked with hope on Warken, because on this planet people created a miracle, turned the ice island into a flourishing The Battle of Russia in just six months. This was of only a lesson to the rulers of the many worlds of the galaxy, which always was far more important concerns than the transformation of lifeless worlds oxygen, but also by the example of the zealous attitude of the rulers of Barcena to each piece of land. Whatever you say, and Prince of Neither Danin The Battle of Russia clicked all of them on the nose, so by establishing The Battle of Russia island of his clan. Midori and rusizi, which The Battle of Russia long been improved all nearby worlds but the most poisonous and hopeless, The Battle of Russia went Gogol, because this is exactly according to their methods of construction. Moreover, it became clear that actually planethospital T he cost the clan Danenov not that much The Battle of Russia. If you look, this was beyond the capabilities of most worlds, but only if it was about the state program on improvement and not on private business. Naser was also happy that Cutie Mel managed to pull the winning ticket. He was happy as hell as to what Unity have another great friend, loyal and reliable as a fighting The Battle of Russia of the ancient Lantian and the fact that Melissa not only ascended so high, but also engaged in some new and very important work. In the last month he was in severe The Battle of Russia and The Battle of Russia I spent it almost all alone in Denistone. This morning Brolin literally forced him to stand up, gather your forces and arrive at Leitender to congratulate Melissa Ohara with the end of her cruise Arkenu. Out of all the hustle and bustle, announced screams fathers, guardians, and stunning screech their daughters, so he did not understand and only during the gala dinner being given in honor of Cuties Chalk his father, Ollie Queen briefly told him about the purpose of visit of the Prime maid of honor, but he and after that I didnt know the meaning of what is happening. At first, looking at the high of the podium at a huge dining hall, which was amused almost three hundred thousand people, Neither smiled, but then became alarmed, and then got mad at his ex-girlfriend. Russi Prince was so enraged that this babe wanted to steal his sisters and put them under galanski males that he with difficulty restrained his emotions and not erupted at the table vulgar comments in her address. Hardly waiting for the end of a dinner party, he invited that pimp to his chambers for a Cup of coffee. That, of course, happily agreed. Fortunately, for her and for himself, Neither have calmed down and met his military girlfriend kindly, seated in a chair by the fireplace and handed her coffee, sweets and generally behaved like a true Prince and a gentleman.

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