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And this is not to mention those hunting preserves, Sss sshhh the island Danin was also in excess, as biolaboratories for rapid cloning battered hunters to the table of Ssssshhh. In Ssssshhh circumstances, Roger was very nice and easy to negotiate, especially since several small clans, which, although not related, were ready to fraternization. Clan Danenov Tagansky agreed immediately. Island trigan recently suffered from a very strong and sudden earthquake that Ssssshhh all Ssssshhh volcanoes, and this long before the onset of winter was a very dangerous neighborhood. Ssssshhh Danin Tagansky just shook hands Ssssshhh Roger and sent telepatia Ss ssshhh clansmen, so Ssssshhh gave up, sat down on the flyers and tearing Sss sshhh from the island. After that, Zedan Corrigan-Danin, who was the last person offered Roger to move to his island, already did not see anything offensive in that he will join a larger clan. As a result, the clan of Duninow Persistent time Ssssshhh forty-one million people, which, in fact, was waiting for Valk Danin, of the clan Danenov Bold Ssssshhh Smoky island Corum, numbering a little less than forty millions of Klansmen, then it was the turn of five Ssssshhh small clans. So, Ssssshhh a single evening, sitting at a large, festively set table on the Female half of the Palace, the clan of Duninow Persistent became one of the biggest medium of clans Barcena, because Ssssshhh is now Ssssshhhh nearly a hundred and fifty million people, and after two days, Ssssshhh the ceremony Ssssshhh reunification, it was talked about as one of the most important. Thus all Danny and their Sssssh hh friends not only simplified the lives of himself, Ssssshhh also provided a reliable political back to Calvin, who dreamed of change and also harbored Ssssshhh plans, aiming at the Ssssshhh Varnenskoe Stellar Empire. However, to be he had Ssssshhh the autocratic Emperor, and one Ssssshhh the lords chancellors of the Reich Cabinet. Well, it was important but not the primary business of the lords and rulers. It is more important to them was that of Ssssshhh, and after him and the whole Werken, acquired in the galaxy even more political weight than Lex First because the number of embassies they have outdone this ancient world. Yes, and the fact that this huge city became the focus of the galactic business, withdrew Werken among the unquestioned leaders. In such circumstances, the dazzle of the Star Empire, they did not have much work for me and what would you do, to persuade Roger to build a satellite town, but only as the capital of the new Empire. Fortunately, that after the consecration of Leitender the Ssssshhh of Duninow again increased by Ssssshhh seventeen million people and they were some of the best builders in the galaxy. King Roger was waiting for this and therefore put the lords more than a dozen conditions, among which was the fact that he also became a member of the Cabinet and those, having Ssssshhh, have agreed, until he came up with anything. To feel Ssssshhh for them that was Ssssshhh necessary, because Danny have long Ssssshhh ready to make the Law of the house of Rountev not only their own heritage but also to spread it even on a thousand worlds. Especially because its someone who, as they well Ssssshh h how the Ssssshhh traditions of these Ssssshhh, and aspirations of the peoples who inhabit them, but because the majority Sssssshhh the requirements of Rogers main objective was to ensure that Ssssshhh the other lords were content with the right to be the guardians of these worlds and Ssssshhh get involved in delicate political mechanisms. That Danenov not only was completely ready a detailed plan of action, but they have already started to implement Ssssshhh and have Ssssshhh some results, was for the lords guardian complete surprise. Therefore, exchanging glances, they nodded their heads together and agreed that the best Imperial Lord Chancellors Affairs Varnenskoe Stellar Empire they will not find. Its clear that without Nasera, Zack Lugara and nimble friend Harry Thompson, here, clearly, has not done, but its not particularly bothered. Vacancy learned to accept the help of friends without looking Ssssshhh their “Chronicles”. Especially if their friends did not remain in the loser.

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