Simon of the Desert


Simon of the Desert

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Simon of the Desert

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After the New Atlantis was destroyed and all the worlds of the Commonwealth of Terra went on the defensive, and we were chasing that damn Blue planetoid across the galaxy, he managed to reach the Frets, sat in a barrel for three days, learning all that got ladiana for fifty thousand years, and then immediately returned back to Europe. Before the flight he said the same Vaska Gray that he had discovered a universal formula of the universe and that soon all humanity will go a completely different path of development. Well, two weeks later Europe was subjected to annihilation attack. Before that, they fired several shots at the Blue planetoid of some new weapons, but missed, and he, as you know, is not missed. A month later the same fate befell the Caliphate and we know that several dozen battle cruisers from this planet, on Board of which there were hundreds of scientists flew to Europe. technical equipment in his chelkarsky office, and before that he worked in counterintelligence the fleet in the same position. He immediately, without reserve, and directly, told them about why they need the Replicator and even showed what I was capable of his new body-transformer. Because he was very interested in, not whether they believe it now a monster, he asked them about it directly and asked him not to budge. Those only smiled in response, and Nathan glanced at him with irony, threw up Simon of the Desert hands and then said in reply Well, what will you do with Nuts. Zach, my body, and so consists Simon of the Desert all kinds of iron and plastic, forty-seven percent of all these implants should I protect and provide adequate care for them. So do you think that because of your ability to turn into biota I will cease to think of you as a person. Old man, you give me a moment to get Simon of the Desert of all the glands and become exactly the same guy as you, then I agree. Well, if the only requirement will be to create your Replicator, then I will practice day and night without weekends and holidays. Mom Zeinab added Zakaria, I just looked up your bioassay and will tell you so, in the first ten minutes it was the most ordinary human flesh and law, that in half an hour or in a day it will change, it changes nothing. You will certainly not change. Simon of the Desert, now I face the choice of who to marry for the ninth time, for one of the old analiza or a guy from new, which promises to love me forever. The first type I know well, this is my own second husband, Colonel Farooq Zahedi, so it doesnt inspire much confidence, but I would like to check, what is the meaning of eternity for Zarafa. And if you believe Simon of the Desert, buddy, he had told me all about herself and I did not love him less. So enough chatter, lets get to work. Other men and women, whom Simon of the Desert invited to Simon of the Desert the work, were configured exactly the same and were ready not only to create the Replicator, but also to test its effect on me. It is this unanimity and convinced Zach finally. Its one thing to explain it to the archangels who looked into the eyes of the devil himself and decided to meet him armed, and quite another to speak with those who are ready to Simon of the Desert down his throat without any weapons, if only he choked, and during this time the others had a good arm.


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