Man Wanted


Man Wanted

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Man Wanted

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Here we are, Verdi. So you have no reason to worry. Looking at the astonished friend, Neither exclaimed Hey, wait a minute, so you still dont know what Raqqa your son. Well guys, you both give heaven soot. This dope regularly color their hair on the head and eyebrows, silent, as the remnants of Biot, and I wonder what the cat between the two of you ran. And here, it turns out, all is explained by the fact that one of you did not bother to read the verdict in his own case, and the second he frowned, as if gols, and itself is silent in a rag. Well, Gee. Viridor merc looked insane at first glance on Nasera, then on Man Wanted, then buried his face in his hands Man Wanted groaned sadly, loudly saying The great Mother of the Ice, Im still an idiot. My own son Man Wanted been more than two years is Man Wanted two steps away from me and I never knew Man Wanted it. Yachi three hundred kilometers in width and eighteen hundred with something from Man Wanted ice and snow, and then completely cover it with power dome with a diameter of three and a half thousand kilometers. This dome, Yes, plus tens of thousands of climate systems, have not only to turn the island into the most ordinary, only very much larger greenhouse, but also to surround him with a real sea, as Man Wanted was lying as if on a platter, on Man Wanted huge basalt slab, going far beyond its coastline and surrounded him not icy bits, and Man Wanted solid palisade of tall hummocks. Besides, he was the only island of Barcena on which there was Man Wanted a single volcano. Actually, thats why the island Danin and could eventually turn into a giant platform-antigrav and make independent from the rest of Man Wanted, fully insulated world that never will be shaken by earthquakes. In order to make all this Man Wanted reality would require a Man Wanted amount of energy over the island and Danin, of the daily orbit, had to get a giant orbital platform on which will be placed thermonuclear reactors and the main spaceport of Barcena. At the same time around the planet Bohuslav Vortex has offered to host as many as five dozen combat asteroids that Calvin never had to think about the defense of their world. Compared with this the rest, planethospital work and the construction of a huge city was totally nonsensical. The benefit of this project was quite capable of modern construction technologies and tens of thousands of engineers have already started to design under the guidance of Entire, although the official order they from Nasera not yet received. This did not, however, Entire to convey to the designers that are on the other ends of the galaxy all the information about the island Danin. Although the start of construction has not yet been announced, in the five worlds of the galaxy were already under way fees and formed a huge construction teams. The task for the builders was more than honorary, to build in the shortest possible time the capital of Barcena and a Palace for the Empress Rarity First, and therefore to persuade the heads of construction companies was not necessary. Yes, and as that was to say no, when they asked the presidents of their planets, and the transfer of construction teams had to carry out military comoletti.


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