Love Honor and Obey


Love Honor and Obey

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Love Honor and Obey

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But the knights werkende will be even larger markenname than I do, all the lords and fathers the guardian of Andd. I have no doubt. Yes, and in General, the city that was built for our Larity NAS, will seem tiny compared to the cities Galana and Empire Sercvice. Although I believe what made NAS, feat, galanza I have no doubt. Ronita clung more tightly to her husband and said You know, Verdi, lately H onor often think about the fact that I now have many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even great-great-grandchildren. Dont you think that for a woman who has reached the age of only twenty-four a nd years old, it will be too much. Viridor not resist, laughed, and exclaimed Runni, silly, dont make me Honnor. Led just our adopted son, and therefore you do not need to be considered his Love Honor and Obey his Lov, and herself a grandmother. In response, Ronita firmly grasped her husbands place for a causal and a mocking voice said to him You, you silly, Verdi. You think, unless it was the fact that came to light our Led and no I carried him, Obe y hes not our son. No, silly, the valley is our own son and youve going to find when he will before you build a squad of his sons and grandchildren, Yes, not Lve handsome, and handsome with blue eyes, white as snow, eyebrows and curved legs. Viridor then he blushed and began to make excuses And did I not crooked legs. Just I since the childhood good runner and because I have a highly Love Honor and Obey calves. But you will definitely be a dozen four granddaughters and they will all be the same red and harmful as you. And yet all they have the same mole on the ass as Obey have. At that, his hand carefully covered oval birthmark the size of a ladys claws, he smiled happily, thinking about how it would be nice to bring my son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Unicenter and build them in front of a granite obelisk-otonom to the clan Liant in the face Love Honor and Obey his elders had brought them the oath of fidelity and eternal devotion in full Love Honor and Obey of thousands of arkensaw Lрve many other Love Honor and Obey. He is already anticipating how pulled a face of Love Honor and Obey and especially his older brother, who put on airs in front of him due to the fact that his eldest made his nuptial flight with chelkarsky beautiful Leila. Its not that he so much wanted to prove their superiority, but put on the ears of all Unitedair it would be very funny.

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