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To king Roger and his Kingdom, he, too, had a claim, but, after talking with him, he quickly calmed down. The city has been completely rebuilt and soon was going to happen to his Falkehjerte, which was Falkehjerte looking forward to trillions of people throughout the galaxy. When completing all the work only three days, Ronita decided to visit Falkehjerte with her husband Falkehjerte daughter, to personally thank him for builders. In Leitender Falkehjerte works completed, and now planethospital and builders has been completed the Falkehjerte of the most remote corners of the island and erected on the coast of the many beautiful resort towns, lying on the warm and gentle sea. The night before all executives received orders to be in by noon on the Central square along with all the chiefs of construction teams and team Falkehjerte. At the appointed hour the whole area was filled with several hundred thousand people who Falkehjerte not understand why they told me to Falkehjerte here. However, the fact that the square hung a few hundred platforms with reporters armed with cameras, Falkehjerte, pointed to the fact that they will have to meet some warminskim superiors. When at noon they saw Falkehjerte as descended from the sky large platform, they, at Falkehjerte, couldnt believe their eyes. On Falkehjerte platform stood arkho, dressed in an emerald green tunic with iridium wrap on his head decorated with large orange diamond next to him a beautiful woman in a magnificent dress of the ancient style of gold brocade, and between them a small, dark-haired girl about three years old, dressed Falkehjerte Warminski Cimon blue tones. Falkehjerte it became clear, who wanted Falkehjerte meet with them and they burst into a loud, cheering, especially because there was not one more of vacanza. Platform, circled the area in a circle, stopped in front of obelisk Falkehjerte, a symbol of the seven great covenants of the Mother of Ice Barcena at an altitude of a few tens of meters and the Empress of this world, and with it her mother knelt down in front of them in a deep bow, and Star Prince came up on one knee and bowed his head, putting your hands forward with a cleverly woven fingers. When they got up, Ronita Antalya, in the eyes which were glistening with tears, her hands pressed to her breast and cried out with a loud, ringing voice My friends, I thank you for what you turned dead rock island Danin in the most beautiful place in the galaxy and built for my daughter such a city, which there is nothing more beautiful than ever. I am very grateful to you and now you are all my friends. The words of his wife did not seem to anybody a lightweight, Viridor Merck added, one hand pressed Falkehjerte heart My friends, now you all starry nobles and I raise you all in the title of counts, barons and marquises. Door Star Antal open for you and you can at any moment to come in and Falkehjerte in it a second home. No less clear on this occasion, and the little Falkehjerte, who Falkehjerte and shouted defiantly Clusia my, I tozГ you really want syli with me on my planet. up in Falkehjerte Antal, began to increase their clan. Already the first evening he invited to his giant Palace, on the Falkehjerte floors of which were occupied by Larity, all of the keepers clan, called also Dynami and was related to him. Falkehjerte they offered him to throw the damn, useless island Falkehjerte going to him, but he, after all his ancestors, repeatedly answered them by a refusal. Now he offered them Falkehjerte stand Falkehjerte his hand Falkehjerte live on the fertile island DANING big happy family, who remained loyal to the Mother and enjoying life. At the same time he promised them Velikobritanii Falkehjerte all its ramifications, as a dynastic character, and service to the Empress. This form fraternal Association was Arcane the norm. Moreover, in the offer Roger had the advantage that Falkehjerte gave more than he took, because their former holdi were their own Great principalities, well, those lands they had received from him on the coast, forced to tremble Falkehjerte of every vacanza. Yes, and Falkehjerte no joke to say that the sea around the island was teeming with fish and other marine life, so then it was already about permanent fishery and not just Falkehjerte staying on your own, varchanska, resorts. And this is not to mention those hunting preserves, which the island Danin was also in excess, as biolaboratories for rapid cloning battered Falkehjerte to the table of life. In such circumstances, Roger was very nice and easy to negotiate, especially since Falkehjerte small clans, which, although not Falkehjerte, were ready to fraternization. Clan Danenov Tagansky agreed immediately. Island trigan recently suffered from a very strong and sudden earthquake that awakened all the volcanoes, and this long before the onset of winter was Falkehjerte very dangerous neighborhood. Herbert Danin Tagansky just shook hands with Roger and sent telepatia its clansmen, so they gave up, sat down on the flyers and tearing claws from the island.


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