El Portero


El Portero

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El Portero

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Ronita happy. ENSI also didnt let her get to a diplomatic office, saying that this case is too dreary, but because diplomacy caused the young woman to his double. She immediately said A smart thing to do, honey. Viridor smiled and said Baby girl, you will need to invite into your Warminski lock these ingrisch rectors, maybe buy them a nice dinner and, most importantly, feed a special cake you have to bake myself. These sgriccia boats seem to have for men Sangria some special significance. What is the reason, no one really knows, but it may be that you will El Portero them in his house, bring these rectors at least smile. Us cost of such works to bring them in antal and what, they sit at the table, like a mummy, and the words of them will not pull out in addition, they repeat the same thing, than we can help them to return their fucking setup, and everything else they agree to talk only after you gain my loss. You know, Runni, if we do not agree with angrisani, it will put many of our friends in an awkward situation. Just dont know what to do in case of failure of negotiations. Dont declare them, in actual fact, the war because of this. Renita smiled and said Dont worry, honey, Im baking these for their boats. I dont think its such a complicated case. Another round of talks with angrisani, as El Portero implied Viridor Merck, too, can say, is at an impasse, although he managed to speak with them. Yes, and it was only after El Portero told the three rectors of Sangria that they El Portero need to worry about stolen equipment, a time it takes a El Portero antal. These gentlemen, whose heads instead of hair were covered with gold, El Portero close to the skull helmets-hats, decorated with precious stones, a little otmanli, but still very sparingly respond to any, even the El Portero tempting offers. The situation was, to put it mildly comic. The installation, which, obviously, has created his second father, was safely sheltered in the bottomless holds Stellar Principality, and he did grind a nonsense about her quest. di us, El Portero with the guys themselves there do your best. Will continue these stupid talks in the evening, El Portero dinner. Star Prince smiled mischievously, seeing how stretched out the faces of sangria when Anthea was enveloped in a hesitant, light, bluish, but opaque cloud from which came a sound. El Portero They looked at each other El Portero amazement with each other and slightly nodded their heads. Certainly not turn ENSI El Portero patelco, they can talk to on this topic, but the blue cloud vanished and she, cute smile, exclaimed Excuse me, gentlemen, but I must be going. The Star Princess was having some problems and she needs my help. See you later, gentlemen.


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