Clouds of War


Clouds of War

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Clouds of War

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Or do you want to take and leave this sweet Clouds of War without entertainment. Marzio Sardan, satisfied that his Palace will now not only stand next to the Big Seven palaces, but also the fact that he, together with several Clouds of War clans became, on top of that, the tenant twenty-eight skyscrapers in the city center, hearing this, exclaimed, in astonishment asks NAS, and why am I supposed to collect taxes from arkensaw. Isnt that our Empress and never in need of anything. In response, Neither made a haughty grimace and hortatory tone replied Marzio, this is not my difficulties but with your Calvin governments. You swore Clouds of War faithfully serve the Cloud and the entire Arkenu, and we Danini, vowed to give Clouds of War shelter, hearth, bed and the bread and salt that we do. And since Larita mother-the Keeper of all the clans of Barcena, Marzio, and arkho, here you are now and think for yourself Warr you need to help in the first Clouds of War and what to spend your money so as not to offend our Empress. Well, so far, this baby is Clouds of War in this business do not understand anything, then the right of the wrath of mother the guardian of the clan of Duninow Persistent and assumes too someone who, Marzio, and Calvin was well aware of what Im angry. So, guys, get ready for Cluds my mother, Yes, and all the women of my clan, can at any time to arrive o your holidy and see what you spend money and how you live your clansmen. All this was said in such rigid and inflexible tone, what every Lord warden of Barcena became not on itself, as all Danny, located in the amphitheater, immediately exclaimed in unison Aimo. All the other vacancy who has not missed a single word of this short speech, immediately clapped his hands and began to fold the fingers in a castle full support of his brother. Moreover, from all sides were heard loud cries arkho, from which the lords guardian winced involuntarily, but to openly state their objections Naseru afraid. All perfectly understood the main Clouds of War of this mustache, cunning guy, now the clan Danenov and for a long time, if not forever, had usurped such an important Clouds of War, as the righteous anger of the Empress, and received the legal right to stick your nose into all the holes to Clouds of War the undercover mother-Keeper of Barcena from any clan anything and you try to push Ollie or any other twirler in the neck, the troubles then you definitely will not be gathered. However, they have not considered it unacceptable, because it is perfectly understood that in the first place this, in the past half-starved, the clan will throw all their energies to charity and that all the lords guardian immediately felt the heavy cudgel in his domestic policy, and therefore hurried kneeling to stand and take an oath of obedience to all decisions Ollie Danin. In the end, only the fathers-guardians of middle clans, now would not be good that it soon became clear even to the most recent slowpoke. The most obvious example of this Clouds of War a desperate move, immediately taken by Eskaton Clouds of War, the father is the guardian of a small but very militant clan Ramelow Grumpy Clouds of War Tamana, the whole archipelago, consisting of two dozen fairly large and fertile Islands, located in the Equatorial zone of Barcena. Holdy this clan was small, but almost all of them were located Coluds all Islands of Tamana, being clamped in the vise far more numerous neighbors of a half dozen different clans. With some clans Ramley lived peacefully, but Clouds fought constantly over every stone, and therefore, perhaps, today only they are unable to rent a single square meter of housing in Leitender. Asket made his W ar to Ollie Danin and, after greeting her, loudly exclaimed Lady Ollie, I ask the Empress Mother to be generous to my clan. We are not rich enough to pay the rent of the Palace in your holde, and therefore we ask our mother Keeper to condescend to our needs and made us fee so we could pay her later. There was nothing wrong with that. Each arkho could always ask to borrow money from his own mother and that no one would cause any ridicule. So Asked Ramler, realizing that he will soon fly past the cash register and his clan will remain with the nose, made the only possible and correct decision. Ollie, who was sitting together with Runitai, immediately beckoned to Nasera and asked him Leo, son, in the center of Leitender Cluods left unoccupied buildings. I need to find Asketa Ramlar the most beautiful Palace in the center and four away, but not on the edge. Rent for him will make a Larita. Sam cant wait with all this wealth and luxury, which will be surrounded by their life in Leitender.


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