Cheerleader Beach Party


Cheerleader Beach Party

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Cheerleader Beach Party

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Every three kilometers in it immediately began to penetrate to a depth of five kilometers, the pits thus diameter, and set them in a powerful force field generators. At the same time, poring Cheerleader Beach Party basalt monolith on a five-kilometer depth, huge tunneling machine began to break through the three hundred Cheerleader Beach Party of tunnel diameter and attach them crystallographically blocks. Every five kilometers radial tunnels were connected by bridges to form in basalt firmament of the island structure, like a spiders web. When the network is ready, in the middle of these tunnels will be equipped with powerful lenses antigravov. That was supposed to turn basalt slab island Danin in giant platform-antigrav, Cheerleader Beach Party to rise into the air and fly anywhere. In order not to spill the water around the perimeter construction is ceramicola wall thickness of four kilometers. A month later Midori and rusizi had to finish these works, from an orbiting energy platform, which was built chelkarskyi koostroitel, will be filed on the ten spires energy island and Cheerleader Beach Party, in the end, will be closed within the Cheerleader Beach Party of the lens, hovering over Barcena at a height of several meters. The space between the bottom of the island and the basalt bowl, he will soar, will be filled with special foam, which would stick together with his Barcena, but the force field and equipped with antigravity engines will reliably protect the house of Laity from all sorts of Cheerleader Beach Party. Later all started to Cheerleader Beach Party the builders, but this does not mean that they were horsing around. While architects, locked in the tourist cosmoline, pored over the good projects of one hundred seventy-five thousand skyscrapers, which were to spread over a huge area, the builders carefully studied the future construction site, showing through the basalt through neutrino scanners and revealing every crack. Leitender they built on hundreds of thousands Cheerleader Beach Party years, and therefore are not in a hurry. They started to lay underground utilities, just a week ago, but he did it so fast, that after three days had to begin to Cheerleader Beach Party up the floors. As promised to all the tenants, they were able to convey Entire all their wishes, although he himself knew how to make in the near future, all those people who will enter the palaces built for them, gasped in admiration, after all, for his services were tens of thousands of great architects and designers who perfectly know their business. When the euphoria that gripped the guests of the clan Danin, who with such enthusiasm became tenants, a little subsided, there were many such people who started doubting, not whether they threw money down the drain. Some even asked questions such as Naseru, but he immediately calmed all that with a smile skeptics said about the readiness to immediately return the money with interest, if a couple of months they will Cheerleader Beach Party be able to find customers. But just in case, he set in motion all the mechanisms of spyware tourist office and immediately across the galaxy swept the news that Varken opened doors for all financial and industrial aces, which for a successful business needed the comfort, peace of mind and reliable protection for their head office. Oh, and, of course, Arcane all galactic crude will be spared from having to pay taxes. Together with this potential customers not only reported the necessary code to communicate with the owners of the huge skyscrapers that will be built incredibly luxurious, but Cheerleader Beach Party offered some services are completely confidential. In two weeks from those who did not rebound that immediately caused problems. Thousands of combat flyers, at the Cheerleader Beach Party which sat the fathers of the guardian clans, and next to them the owners of banks and industrial corporations, began circling over the island Danin in the clouds of dust stirred up by the pillar to look at the construction progress. Work CRT, who led all of the work three days tolerate this outrage, and then a roar, and little thinking he requested of Demeter Goral to put around the perimeter of the island, to get rid of those unwanted visitors. In order that everyone could watch the progress of construction, he ordered to set around the island hundreds of thousands of automatic cameras and that was enough. Following the business tycoons on Varken reached the government delegation of tens or hundreds of thousands of worlds, who wanted to establish diplomatic relations with them. To have Leitender ambassadorial mansions, none of them is not necessary and to dream. They were happy and that the lords guardian, pulled himself the choicest pieces of the pie, Cheerleader Beach Party in a hurry to acquire customers. he was the only one on the whole Werken the Archangel and he has long dreamed of being at least as chief of the secret police of his native world.


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