Brother Andrew


Brother Andrew

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Brother Andrew

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I think Brother Andrew just crazy. What makes you think Polly laid eyes on this vacanza. The fact that this type is already almost two months making circles around it, Brother Andrew nothing. You also Klansmen and Lianti these Sargunam will give hundred points of odds even with booze. So dont sweat Brother Andrew, bro, lets get out in Durban. Today, Remant arranges a Grand tournament in honor of the birthday of his daughter. We theres great Brother Andrew, grass someone on the head. The knights will be there today, as mangarov in the garbage, so will not be bored. Thatll bring his Polly someones shield or two, and all will work out. Surely, there will be a fight today knights juniors. The stinko muffled growled. EDS, unwittingly, touched And rew to the quick. Brother Andrew he was an excellent swordsman, he had to fight only with the juniors, which still does not cheat, and this is, after all, was a shame for him. Well, and besides, when was the last time he brought home Polly his next trophy, she snorted “You are not tired to fight Brрther the boys?”, yeah, besides, in her words, he caught and badly hidden anger. Its a pity that she had not seen this “kid” which was over two meters tall and the one before that finished with three guys in a row. In one, he agreed, he was already Brother Andrew years, and all his opponents are only seventeen or eighteen years. Reason to be jealous at the Stinko were considerable. Primarily because the Richter Sardan, the nephew of the father Brother Andrew of the clan of Brother Andrew Proud, was four years older than him Brother Andrew I wanted to hurry to marry, to become arkho. The second reason was that Brother Andrew never talk about girls, if they dont Shine to make them their nuptial flight, let alone the fact Brother Andrew at the mere mention of sex in heaven every girl in the Antal immediately rolled her eyes, Brother Andrew A ndrew had nothing to say. Thats why he was so dreary at heart. The stinko and without my intuition felt that Polly decided to put it on the side. Why else would over the past month they have not had one date. Not to mention everything else. So here was something to think and his thoughts were Oh what a sad. Stinger Burton, like his friend, went to University and tried to Brтther a classical education, which was for him a very heavy burden.


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